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Dr. Lisa Cuddy
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“You really are a pain in the ass you know.” The words behind her came from nowhere, but Lisa Cuddy knew who was speaking, and what he was speaking about.

Still she turned around, looking oblivious, “Oh? And what's that?”

“Always answering the teacher's questions and not letting anyone get a word in edgewise. It's fuckin annoying.” his voice had been gruff and pert, even then.

She smirked at him, “Well, maybe you just need to be faster. Or be smarter, Greg. Can't help it if you don't like to get beaten.”

“You're turning into a kiss ass.”

“And you're turning into just an ass.”

Greg House heh'd at her and shook his head, “You're not even getting anything for it are you? I mean besides the grade.”

“Isn't that enough?”

“Dunno. Is it? Or maybe he's giving you extra curricular activities,” he said suggestively, even waggling his eyebrows a bit.

Lisa didn't hit him, her eyes narrowed slightly but she didn't hit him. “If I am, it's because just like everything else, the bed I want to be in seems to be too slow. And not as smart.”

She could have been seeing things, but she could have sworn Greg House paled slightly at that. He shoved his hands in his pockets and turned and walked off.

Lisa watched, shaking her head slightly and sighed. Who did he think he was? Any ways, she had put him in his place. And he had been wrong. There was no way she was sleeping with the teacher, though he had been suggesting it. Not outwardly so, but it was obvious that he wanted to get into his students pants.

The next day after class, the teacher asked to see Lisa after, and she amicably stayed behind, watching House as his back slid out the door before any one else.

She came over to the desk and smiled at the man. “You're going to go far Lisa,” he told her. “You've got not only a knack for medicine, but you've got very good leadership skills and organizational and business skills. You could run your own hospital one day.”

He moved forward and she moved backwards, “I appreciate that sir but I have to say, I'm not.. I'm looking for an education. That's it.”

Thankfully, unlike most television shows, the man didn't seem to be angry, he just nodded at her. She turned around and headed towards the door, and stopped. “And if you ever hit on me again? I'll make you wish you'd never taught at this school.” she gave him an award winning smile and left.

When she got to her car, there was a note on the windshield wiper.

Good job. Guess you've earned yourself a place in the bed of your choice.


Lisa sighed. Sometimes, she just couldn't win.

Note: This is a House/Grey's Anatomy crossover. It's Cuddy/Addison. Whee.

It wasn't that often that Lisa Cuddy go to leave PPTH and head somewhere else. This was one of those rare occassions, even if it was only a conference in Seattle. And to her relief a bit, it was a surgical conference. She had to attend of course, as the Dean for her hospital, but there was no Cameron, Chase, Foreman, Wilson or House to bug her.

There were other people from the hospital, people she didn't actually mind flying with or seeing through the weekend. But that was all strict business. All of her top surgeons were coming with her.

The hotel was nice enough, and she was glad for the peace and quiet away from the hospital without someone calling or beeping her. At least for now. She was certain she wouldn't be able to get away from someone calling her.

Room service and a minibar, those were the small, simple pleasures in life.

A couple of hours later and it was time for the first lecture of the day. Boring perhaps, but maybe something interesting would happen. But then, House wasn't there, so probably not.

However when she was coming off the elevator, that's when she saw her. She hadn't really put together the fact that she would be there. Long red hair, curled over her shoulders, glasses perched on her nose, she looked happy. Tired, but happy.

“Lisa! How are you?” Addison Montgomery (no longer Shepherd she knew) spoke, smiling at the other woman and giving her a rather large hug.

“Addison.. hello. Oh I'm just.. great. Things are great.” Maybe it wasn't the total truth, but it was throwing her for a loop. Maybe if she'd realized Addison was going to be there, she would have been better prepared.

Better prepared then the last time they saw each other.

Last time it had been just like this, a conference at some other town, though that time it was something for pre-natal care and Addison had been there as well. They talked, exchanged pleasantries and then decided to go to the bar. Just two single women, after all, Addison had told Lisa of her divorce from Mark not too long ago.

They drank and laughed, and carried on like they had known each other forever, and sometimes Cuddy believed that they did. Somewhere along the way, her hand had slipped onto Addison's thigh, but she hadn't moved away.

The more they drank, the more she dared enough to move her hand over Addison's body. Nothing too risque, they were in public and doctors they might have known were around. But it was enough. She could tell Addison's cheeks were growing pink, and flushed. Her breathing was becoming ragged and she was gulping down the booze like no tomorrow.

Finally Cuddy hadn't been able to stand it, leaning in and asking Addison if she wanted to come up to her room. Thankfully Addison said yes.

And as Cuddy stood there, greeting Addison at the doorway of the elevator, she thought about their last night. Slick hands over the curves of her hips. The feeling of nails dug into the skin. Amber hair curled into her fingertips as she dug in. The way Addison said her name, when she was so close. Addison had tasted divine, and her scent was something Lisa was never going to forget.

“Well that's great. I'm so glad to see you. We'll have to catch up later. But I'm late for a lecture at the moment.” Right. Addison was still speaking.

“Oh yeah me too. We'll definitely get together afterwards though.” Lisa spoke, still smiling though god she wanted nothing more then to crush her lips against hers and call her Addy.

The two passed by, hugging each other once again and Addison stepped into the elevator, and Lisa stepped out.

It wasn't until a step or two later, she felt something in her pockets. A card.

Room 530. Mine this time – A.

Oh yes, simple pleasures indeed.

You two?

Are in so much trouble. I'd so watch my back if I were you.

I suspect to see the majority of you all at the picnic today. When you have time it'll be outside and there's plenty of food.

There's already a lot of people.

Try to have some fun, everyone. I know how hard it is to have fun around here.

The hospital picnic is May 6th, 1pm. Be there or get more clinic duty hours.

David - I've got a job for you. It's not your usual um.. task, but this is me asking nicely. I promise you'll be compensated appropriately.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better Gretchen.

Hello everyone. If you're receiving this message then everything seems to be in working order. I know you've all been wondering what all the upgrading has been about, and this is just one of the newest features.

I suppose this is a bit like those blogging internet things, but we're all on this community together. If there are other people whom you think should be on the list of the community, let me know and I'll add them. Friends and family and the like.

I don't have to tell you what's appropriate to put in here and what's not, I should hope.

Any questions or comments?

Have a good day.

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